Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"


China-Italy Science and Technology Innovation Week and Matteo Ricci Network

The annual China-Italy Science and Technology Innovation Week (organized by IDIS City of Science Foundation in collaboration with Parthenope and other Campania Region Universities) as well as the Matteo Ricci Network (the China-Italy scientific collaboration network coordinated by Parthenope University and the Beijing Normal University) have come again to the attention of the media as a follow up of the speech of the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit in Italy.

Come to the Parthenope University

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Are you a foreign student? Study with us! Discover our University and visit Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Studying in Naples at the University Parthenope is, in itself, an exciting experience, both on the personal and educational level, offering students who are non-resident in Italy the opportunity to choose from a wide range of unique degree courses,…

iOS Foundation Programme in partnership with Apple

In 2016 the University of Naples Parthenope and Apple Distribution International set up an academic programme on iOS Development to deliver two training courses, lasting one month or three months, on the development of iOS applications…

PhD Programmes: How to apply

 Take part in the PhD Programs offered by Parthenope University for the 34th cycle: here are the courses offered with deadline for submitting the application to 27 August 2018


Academic Departments and University Buildings

Our seven departments are strategically located in the city of Naples, Italy.