Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

IDEM is the first Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures (AAI), aims to allow users of the national scientific and academic community to more easily access services and content on the net made available by different organizations.

Membership of IDEM offers the staff and students of Parthenope University the advantage of using only institutional credentials for all resources available through the Federation.

By becoming a member of the Federation, the University also has the opportunity to reduce the costs of managing users and creating new services, exercising greater control over the authentication and authorization processes.

Within the IDEM Federation, GARR acts as coordinator providing the central infrastructure and services and signing the Membership Agreements.

List of available services

For problems concerning credentials and authentication: idem@uniparthenope.it

The services reachable through the Federation are made available by IDEM members and partners. The system, at each request for access to the services, will provide the specific service owner with the following information:

·      User name and surname;

·      email address;

·      Anonymous, persistent, non-reassignable identification of the user (a string automatically generated by the system that does not contain user information);

·      information on the user's affiliation with the organization to which he belongs (consists of a macro profile of the user, for example Student, Member, Staff, Affiliate, Alumn ...).

to allow the service provider to find the correct authorization profile.

Privacy Policy


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