Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"


Admission to the PhD programmes of the University Parthenope depends on an entrance examination that is based on the prospective candidates’ qualifications and publications, a written test and an interview focusing on a research project proposed by candidates.

The written test and interview aim at assessing the candidates’ aptitude for scientific research and their knowledge of at least one foreign language. Candidates are admitted to the course following a ranking list. Scholarships are funded by the M.I.U.R., the University Parthenope, the Departments, as well as national or international public and private companies. The available positions can be also financially covered with research grants, contracts or scholarships. The PhD is achieved by passing a final exam consisting of the discussion of a doctoral thesis, also in a foreign language.

For further information, please visit https://www.uniparthenope.it/didattica/dottorati or contact our General Affairs Office – tel. 0815475228 - 0815475191.

For more details about the PhD Programmes, please contact the PhD Programmes Coordinators.

Every year, during summer, the University Parthenope publishes a call for its PhD programmes. This year, calls for admission to 11 doctoral courses (23rd cycle) were published in July and expired on 4 August 2017. In order to apply for a course, you need to download the online application and the additional documents listed at the following link


The PhD programmes offered by the University Parthenope set themselves as a reference point within the world of academic and industrial research, both in Italy and abroad. In fact, all courses are characterized by interdisciplinary and cultural exchange, with workshops, seminars and events organised in collaboration with other universities in Europe and the United States.

The academic department of University Parthenope offer the following PhD programmes:

Department of Business and Economics

Governance Management and Economics


Department of Business and Quantitative Studies

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Department of Economic and Legal Studies

Law on Services in the Italian and European Legal Systems

Euro-languages ​​and Specialized Terminologies

Economics, Statistics and Sustainability


Law Department

Law and Social-Economic Institutions: Normative, Organizational and Historical-Evolutionary Profiles


Department of Engineering

Information and Communication Technology and Engineering

Energy Science and Engineering


Department of Science and Technology

Environmental Phenomena and Risks

Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development

Department of Sports Science and Wellbeing

Sports and Motor Science