Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

The Parthenope campus is located in the centre of the city, right within the area surrounded by Beverello-Monte di Dio-via Medina, where the university's main offices are, and where most of the university's teaching activities are carried out, not far from other universities located in the same urban area. Some offices are also located in the eastern area of Naples.

Our seven departments are strategically located in the city of Naples, Italy.

The headquarters of the University Parthenope is located in Naples, Via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton n. 38, in an ancient building, the so-called "Palazzina Spagnola", dating back to the 16th century, and in a modern building that hosts some activities of the Department of Sports Science.

Palazzo Pacanowski is located in Naples, Via Generale Parisi n. 13, close to Nunziatella Military Academy. It hosts the Law and Economics School and the following departments:
•    Law Department
•    Department of Business and Economics
•    Department of Business and Quantitative Studies
•    Department of Economic and Legal Studies

Villa Doria D’Angri, located between Via Petrarca and Via Posillipo, is one of the university's most recent acquisitions. It is a monumental villa built in 1880 at the will of Prince Marcantonio Doria, within a park with a total area of over 18,000 square metres. Villa Doria d'Angri is the expression of the greatest artists and artisans of the time and, despite the negligence of the past, it still gleams in its ancient splendour. The villa is used as a venue for international meetings, seminars and cultural initiatives.

This building hosts the Department of Engineering and the Department of Science and Technology. It is located in Naples, Centro Direzionale, Isola Block C4.

The 1950s building located in Naples, Via Medina, close to Piazza Municipio, hosts some of the offices of the Department of Sports Science.

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