Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Erasmus+ is the new European Union program that - until 2020 - allows students, graduates, doctoral candidates and postgraduates to gain a study experience and training – through courses, exams, dissertations, research and laboratory activities - at one of our partner European universities, with subsequent recognition of the activity carried out in their academic career.


The University of Naples Parthenope values the Erasmus+ program. Outgoing students who successfully complete 12 ECTS abroad benefit from an additional scholarship, paid by the university, which brings their monthly income to 600 euros.


Erasmus+ improves language skills in order to promote the construction of a European society through the study and training of young people in intercultural contexts.


Erasmus+ allows the following:


A stay abroad for study and placement purposes of a maximum of 12 months for each degree course (bachelor’s degree and master's degree) and 24 months in the case of single degree courses;

Mobility for internships aimed at new graduates (within 12 months of graduation);

Mobility to countries outside Europe.


The International Mobility Office is responsible for the management of exchange programs for teaching and training experiences abroad. It supports students, teachers and administrative staff. It welcomes international students who arrive at the University of Naples Parthenope and supports them throughout their stay.


For more information, please contact the

Internationalization and Linguistic Communication Services Office


Management and Administration

Dr Virginia Formisano

Email: internazionale.lingue@uniparthenope.it


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