Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

The Library of the University of Naples Parthenope  was founded in 1920, when the Royal Naval Institute was established. The main library is located on the ground floor of Palazzina Spagnola (Via Acton 38), while an additional section centred on the theme of engineering and science and technology is located at the Centro Direzionale.

The library supports all teaching and research activities carried out at the university, and its collections, catalogues, organization and services characterize its evolving and constantly updated profile.

It provides students, faculty members and technical and administrative staff of the University of Naples Parthenope with resources that can be easily accessed during regular office hours.

The bibliographic resources currently include approximately 60,000 printed works and approximately 14,000 online works of law, economics, engineering, science and technology and sports science , as well as various multidisciplinary databases. Among the special collections, there is a well-known collection of ancient books called the "Bourbon collection" (approximately 4,000 volumes), whose original core volumes were brought by the Bourbon Royal Navy for the education of Navy officer cadets.

Main Library
Rosa Maiello
Email: rosa.maiello@uniparthenope.it
Via F. Acton, 38 - 80133 Napoli

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