Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Since 2016, the University of Naples Parthenope and Apple Distribution International have carried out an academic program on iOS development to deliver two training courses, lasting one month or three months, on the development of iOS applications with the aim of teaching specific programming skills in the iOS environment.
The courses take place at one of the university's most spectacular buildings, Villa Doria D'Angri, where a high-tech laboratory has been equipped with the latest Apple hardware and software tools, together with some study rooms and rooms for lifelong learning.
Each course hosts 30 students, each of whom receives a last-generation MacBook and iPhone for the entire duration of the course, as well as several other devices (iWatch, AppleTV, drones, robots) that might be useful for the creation and development of prototype applications ("Apps") iOS, tvOS and/or watchOS, which are potentially valid for distribution in the Apple App Store or the creation of startups.
Each year, the programme offers 300 students the chance to choose among a total of 14 courses designed in collaboration with Apple, 10 basic courses and 4 advanced courses, each one lasting four weeks.
All the students who actively attend courses and are positively assessed when submitting their app to the Apple team are granted an attendance certificate. Students from the University of Naples Parthenope may be eligible for training credits for their university career.
Further information is available on the iOS Foundation Program website.

iOS Foundation Program - Università Parthenope

Principal Investigator Prof. Angelo Ciaramella

co-Principal Investigator Dott. Raffaele Montella

E-mail: info.ios@uniparthenope.it



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