Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Description and learning objectives

The PhD course in Information and Communication Technology and Engineering aims at training researchers in the fields of IT and communication methodologies and technologies, in particular with regard to:

  • nano-electronic, optoelectronic and photonic technologies and devices;
  • physical, chemical, biological sensors, biochips, lab-on-chip, micro and nano-systems;
  • advanced diagnostic and imaging techniques;
  • methodologies and techniques for the identification, extraction, and management of information resources from big data;
  • software systems for the simulation/emulation of "human-like" reasoning and neuromorphic problem-solving in the medical field;
  • advanced techniques and smart environments for human-machine interaction in the field of medical science and cultural heritage;
  • advanced techniques for processing remotely sensed data acquired from radar imaging systems;
  • methodologies for processing large amounts of remotely sensed data;
  • development of methodologies for modelling and designing control systems for complex plants;
  • advanced techniques for antenna synthesis;
  • modelling of magnetic materials and systems on a micro and nanometre scale;
  • polarization for applications in remote sensing and electromagnetic diagnostics based on microwaves;
  • processing of non-stationary signals with applications based on communications, radar/sonar and biological systems.

Career opportunities

The main employment opportunities are in academic research, industrial research, research management, and national and international organizations (national and international space agencies – ASI, ESA, NASA, etc. – UN, European Patent Office, EU, Eurocontrol, etc.).


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