Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Description and learning objectives

The fundamental objective of this PhD course is to train researchers at the highest possible level in order to enable them to access the international job market, research topics that require an interdisciplinary approach and integrate methodologies and cultural contributions that are specific to the economic and corporate-economic disciplines. This approach features several similarities with the PhD programmes in Business and Economics that are offered by numerous influential foreign universities. Such a programme is an effective response of the academic institutions to the rapid and continuous evolution of international economic scenarios; the interpretation of these increasingly complex phenomena requires effective cognitive tools.
The PhD programme is structured over three years. The courses that are common to both curricula have the aim of training students on the different aspects of research methodology, providing them with the tools they will need to conduct research in the economic and business field. The curricula include specific courses depending on the specialization chosen. Students will benefit from the guidance and assistance of the tutors and co-tutors from foreign universities in developing their research topics, as well as during a period of study abroad, to finalise their PhD thesis in the form of a monograph or essays to be published in international journals.

Career opportunities

PhD holders will be very competitive in the national and international labour market, both for management positions at public and private institutions and for research positions at universities or other research institutes. The empirical and applied aspect, which is particularly relevant in this course, allows PhD holders to easily cover a series of professional positions supporting policymakers and research institutions that carry out quantitative analyses of economic phenomena.
PhD holders will presumably find their first job within the first year after completion of the course. The salary they will earn depends on the sector in which they find employment, but the title is certainly an added value that positively impacts the chances of finding a good and well-paid job.


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