Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Description and learning objectives
The research topics of this PhD course cover a wide range of environmental and climatic phenomena, their possible consequences in terms of potential risk situations and mitigation. Such a variety of topics is to be viewed from the perspective of a didactic and educational development, which allows candidates to acquire basic and specialised skills. Therefore, training and research activities are carried out at different levels of specialisation, starting from the basic mechanisms regulating how environment works, to gradually focus on aspects that may be related to environmental risks, paying attention to their evaluation and the corresponding mitigation strategies. This is reflected in an academic path firstly drawing on common interdisciplinary themes, and then concentrating on the specific research topics chosen by candidates.
It seems worth emphasising the uniqueness of the approach adopted by this PhD programme: while courses entirely devoted to environmental/natural risks and their mitigation, or to basic environmental mechanisms, are available at the national level, the PhD in Environmental Phenomena and Risks allows students to locate their specific research interest within the academic context.

Career opportunities
This PhD programme enables candidates to be competitive on the research market at national and international level (universities, public and private research institutes) and on the labour market (public offices, science and technology parks, research consortia, national and regional agencies for the protection of the environment, small and medium-sized businesses, etc.). Although PhD courses are firstly meant to train prospective researchers, professional opportunities are also offered by public and private organizations. In such cases, a PhD degree can certainly improve the possibilities of employment, as a certificate of excellence.

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