Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Description and learning objectives

The aim of this PhD course is to convey an interdisciplinary vision of energy issues concerning all countries in the world and, in particular, Italy, training students with managerial and specialized skills in various technological fields. This sector is characterized by rapid technological development, and research activities are meant to study innovative technologies, with the aim of establishing a close synergy between the academic and the productive contexts. Research and technology transfer activities are carried out under the supervision of scholars and researchers who collaborate with research institutes and industrial partners and are active in research and development within the energy sector, with numerous national and international projects as well as research and consultancy contracts. The use of modern calculation tools to support theoretical and experimental studies also guarantees the possibility to constantly update research techniques while developing new solutions and best practices for a variety of applications in the field of energy.


Career opportunities

The professional qualification gained during this PhD programme makes PhD holders in Energy Science and Engineering eligible for numerous professional positions in public and private bodies, not necessarily limited to the research sector, among them:

lead coordinator and director of research activities at companies that operate in the sector of design, production and development of energy conversion and conservation technologies;
technician responsible for the conservation and rational use of energy for large companies (in compliance with law 10/91);
researcher and/or research project manager at universities and public and private research organizations;
coordinator of research programmes promoted by national or European legislation.


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