Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Description and learning objectives

Social phenomena derive from and develop in an environment of increasing globalization concerning not only the real and financial economy but also, in a broader perspective, an impact on fundamental rights which, in turn, affects economic development. This global vision of social phenomena raises important questions in terms of legal theory, economic theory and institutional practice. In this perspective, the competences that both scholars and (private and public) subjects need have to be rigorously interdisciplinary.
Topics such as justice, the efficiency of institutions, especially regarding their contribution to human and economic development, the capacity of administrations to manage auctions and tendering procedures and regulate issues pertaining to corporate law and corporate governance (from ordinary management to failure), the responsibility of agents operating in financial markets and, not least, the issues raised by information technology and electronic trading. Overall, these are current multidisciplinary areas for the analysis and elaboration of strategic activities, such as those related to security.

Career opportunities

This PhD programme aims at training expert and highly qualified professionals with interdisciplinary competences. Career opportunities range from the academic and research field to the qualification of legal expert and/or administrative officer in public and private institutions. The specific characteristics of this PhD course, which integrates legal, economic, business, historical, and socio-political knowledge, allows PhD holders to suitably cover a variety of professional profiles at the managerial level and consider freelance in the legal and economic fields. The competences and maturity required for the completion of the PhD course combine a strong education with a high degree of specialization in the sector.

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