Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"


The main activities of the Law Department concern university and post-university education as well as scientific research.

The department offers the following degree courses:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Administration and Organization Science;
  • Five-year Master's degree in Law;
  • Master's degree in Public Management.

All courses are characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity (blending the legal, economic and historical-sociological domains), allowing students to build on the traditional legal background by developing knowledge and skills that can be useful in a variety of professional – both public and private –  contexts.

The teaching programs also provide significant post-graduate courses and additional initiatives: specialized master’s degrees; a course in investigative journalism; the School for Legal Professions and a PhD in Law and Social-Economic Institutions: Normative, Organizational and Historical-Evolutionary Profiles.

This means that the department offers students a rich path to higher education that can help them access the labour market and find the most suitable position.

The department's professors and researchers are actively involved in national and international research projects (among them, the PRIN awarded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research); many scholars affiliated to the department have also received important awards for their scientific works, and their interests largely converge in the PhD program.

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