Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"


The Department of Movement Sciences and Wellbeing originated from the transformation of the Higher Institute of Physical Education, and it benefits from the equipment and spaces available at the CUS Napoli (University Sports Centre).

While maintaining a specific technical-practical characterization pertaining to sports science and activities, the Degree in Sports Science offers a multidisciplinary study perspective drawing on a variety of frameworks that aim at achieving specific learning objectives.

The department offers the following degree courses:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science
  • Master's Degree in Sports Science for Prevention and Wellbeing
  • Master's Degree in Sports Science and Management

Graduates in sports science are specifically trained and have the necessary competences to carry out professional activities in the field of motor activities in public and private structures, sports organizations, and educational, recreational and social associations.

The degree courses offered by the department include courses and activities in the biomedical, psycho-pedagogical, economic and managerial fields, and they foster training opportunities and laboratories in sports organizations, companies, public administrations and associations providing personal services and social voluntary work.

In particular, the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science provides various ways for students to practice their knowledge and acquire specific skills in the following areas: psycho-pedagogy, biomedicine, management and economics. To be admitted to the degree course, candidates must have a high school diploma (recognized as valid in compliance with the current legislation on university enrolment) or a certificate obtained abroad and recognized as valid and pass an admission test. The admission test consists of a written test on topics of general education, aimed at verifying the candidates’ aptitude for relevant disciplines.

The department has a leading role in the scientific and experimental research in the field of sports science, especially diagnostic imaging and the study of movement in clinical medicine, sports and industrial ergonomics.

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