Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Parthenope University provides training courses in the disciplinary areas of economics and law, engineering, sport science, science and technology and offers the possibility of part-time enrolment with customizable study plans, distance learning via e-learning and a wide availability of teachers. Consult our Undergraduate/Graduate Training Programmes, PhD Programmes and Master Programmes to better personalize your study plan or our dedicated website to obtain information about all the course programmes, assessment and degree dates, and other useful subjects to better enjoy the study experience.

Every Parthenope student has the opportunity to follow a course of the iOS Foundation Program organized by Apple at the university on iOS, watchOS and AppleTV, to be accompanied by work placement through curricular and post-graduate internships in companies.

Parthenope University also adopts a new system for calculating student contributions set on a 'continuous' calculation that ensures adequate levels of progressivity and equity.

Accommodation is also available for up to 180 students in a university residence at a reduced rate.

A library is also available to students at each location, as is a portal for consulting the programme offerings, exam dates, degree information and other useful information to make the most of the study experience.