Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
Bachelor's Degree Programme
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Degree class: 
L-22 - Class Of First Degrees In Physical Excercise And Sport Sciences
Duration in years: 
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Course Overview

The degree course in Movement Sciences provides graduates with the necessary scientific skills to work in the various fields related to individual and team sports, especially in the sport-technical, management, educational and prevention areas. Graduates in Movement Sciences acquire the professional skills needed to work in the field of sports and physical education, in particular in the following roles:
- Direction, management and assessment of individual and team fitness activities;

- Directing and monitoring the execution of individual and team sports, as well as educational and recreational programmes, with the aim of recovering and maintaining the psycho-physical well-being through the promotion of active lifestyles.


Course Characteristics

The main goal of this degree course is to provide graduates with the scientific knowledge that is necessary in the several fields of individual and team sports, referring in particular to disciplinary areas such as the sport-technical, managerial, educational and preventive ones, with a professional orientation leading to the formation of experts in the development of activities aiming at the achievement of the psycho-physical well-being in touristic and ludic-recreational contexts.
Traditional teaching takes place alongside technical and practical internships related to individual and team sports, as well as optional activities. Internships, organised with the collaboration of CUS Napoli and selected sports clubs, are supplemented by classes in sport-technical areas and aim at developing specific practical and operational skills in the field of sports and physical activities.
The course is open to a limited number of students following a selection process based on multiple-choice tests on general knowledge that are meant to verify the aptitude of candidates for the degree course. The entry requirements are published on the University Notice Board and on the website www.uniparthenope.it.

Career prospects

Movement Sciences graduates are highly sought-after in the job market and the social services area. Indeed, they can find employment with:
- Sports clubs, associations and organisations;

- Companies that supply products and goods for sports practice;

- Associations for recreational and social activities;

- Fitness and wellness centres;

- Magazines, newspapers, radio stations or television channels interested in sports communication;

- Adapted physical activity centres.

Under current Italian regulations, this degree does not qualify for any profession within the National Health Service.