Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
Bachelor's Degree Programme
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Degree class: 
L-9 - Class Of First Degrees In Industrial Engineering
Duration in years: 
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Course Overview

The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Management Engineering aims at providing students with the managerial and technical skills enabling them to work in the industrial, management and operational fields (e.g. industrial plants, production lines, transport systems). The objective of the Course is to train students to adapt quickly to different professional contexts and to work in interdisciplinary teams.


Course Characteristics

The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Management Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines such as algebra and geometry, physics, chemistry, probability and statistics, operational research, business management, industrial plant management, industrial electronics, etc.
Students attending this program can explore the different disciplines through theoretical lectures, practical sessions, case studies, project works and laboratories, where they can apply the skills, methods and knowledge acquired during classes.
The program ends with a dissertation relating to product/process optimization or an original applied research, demonstrating not only the mastery of relevant subjects, but also the ability to communicate and to discuss a project.

Career prospects

The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Management Engineering offers a variety of career opportunities in many different roles in a wide range of organizations, including industrial and service companies, consultancy firms, banks and financial institutions, public administration and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, graduates can work as energy and project managers.