Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
Master's Degree Programme
Denomination in italian language: 
Degree class: 
LM-31 - Management Engineering
Degree interclass: 
LM-33 - Mechanical Engineering
Duration in years: 

Course Overview

The Master’s Degree Course in Management Engineering aims to train highly-qualified engineering professionals to address today’s complex problems with innovative solutions.
The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach that offers the opportunity to integrate high-level management skills with in-depth technical and engineering competences. In detail, students develop industrial engineering skills, knowledge and expertise, alongside knowledge of business and management techniques. The final aim of the course is to train an open-minded engineer able to solve complex problems that characterize the life of a company.


Course Characteristics

The modules cover a broad range of disciplines such as supply chain management, operation management, industrial automation, industrial energetic measurements, industrial risk analysis, energy management, sustainable energy technologies etc. Students attending this programme have the opportunity to deepen the different disciplines through theoretical lectures, practical sessions, case studies, project works and laboratories, where they can apply the skills, methods and knowledge acquired through the courses. The programme concludes with a thesis relating to product/process optimization or original applied research, and aimed at demonstrating not only mastery of the topics studied but also the ability to communicate and to explain a project.

Career prospects

The Master’s Degree Course in Management Engineering gives to its graduates career opportunities in many different functions and activities in a wide range of organizations, including industrial and service companies, technology consultancies, banks and financial institutions, research agencies, R&D departments. Furthermore, graduates have the opportunity to work as life cycle analyst, energy manager, project manager both in public and private organizations.