Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Type of Study Programme: 
Master's Degree Programme
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Degree class: 
LM-63 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in Scienze delle pubbliche amministrazioni
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Course Overview

The Master’s Degree Course in Public Management is inherently multidisciplinary and aims at studying public administrations from an historical, political, sociological, legal and economic point of view. Graduates will be able to cover managerial roles in public administrations and services in the local, regional, national and supranational sectors.
In particular, the degree course aims at training students to become specialized managers who will be able to: design the organization and the functioning of public administrations; manage human and financial resources as well as information systems for public administrations; design, implement and evaluate public policies for the local development; prevent and avoid corruption; build forms of cooperation between administrations belonging to different levels of government; simplify and digitize public administrations; strengthen public–private partnerships’ forms.
The degree course provides three specializations and students will be able to choose among three curricula during their second year: Public ethics, Innovations in Public Administration and Local policies.


Course Characteristics

The Course aims at providing the students with the basic concepts and the techniques for the governance of public administration, as well as allowing the comprehension of the mechanisms that influence the connection between public administration and it context.
The Degree Course formation objective is to focus on the history of public administration, on its organization and functioning, with special emphasis on political, legal and social profiles. A specific attention is given to contract procedures in contract tenders and in labour relations, as well as to the planning of European projects and to the acquisition of advanced tools for data statistical analysis.

Career prospects

The Master Course in Public management aims at training public managers capable of:
- planning the organization and optimizing the running of Public Administration;
- managing human and financial resources as well as the information systems in the Public Administration;
- designing and implementing public policies and evaluating their effects;
-preventing and fighting corruption;
- devising collaborative framework between organization at different government levels;
-simplifying and digitizing procedures in public administration;
-strengthening public-private partnerships;