Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
5-year Single Cycle Master's Degree Programme
Denomination in italian language: 
Degree class: 
LMG/01 - Law
Duration in years: 


Course Characteristics

The primary aims of this course is to provide a comprehensive legal culture - national, European and international – which is necessary for the evaluation and criticism, historical and evolutionary principles or institutions of positive law. This approach makes it possible to evaluate the institutions of positive law and to produce clear, relevant, and well-argued legal texts (legal and/or contractual and/or procedural). This will be enabled thanks to the use of IT tools. The course’s contents and methods are highly interdisciplinary: in fact students acquired useful knowledge in economics and business.
Therefore, a graduate in law has same capacity: interpretation, analysis, case studies, legal characterization of facts and socio-economic phenomena, understanding, representation, assessment and awareness to address problems of interpretation and application of the law. It will be equipped with the tools for upgrading their skills.

Career prospects

The graduates in law (each in different class) in addition to head towards the traditional legal profession and the judiciary it will be able to carry out and be employed in national, European and international public administrations, private companies, non-profit organizations and in all those fields, practically, he may be busy in each sector where it is necessary capacity of analysis, evaluation and decision and of non-sector specific knowledge. Specifically, the course prepares students for professions: judges, notary, legal expert in public institutions, legal expert in business, official and managers of high responsibility in administrations and institutions, national and European.