Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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L-28 - Classe delle lauree in Scienze e tecnologie della navigazione
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Course Overview

The bachelor’s degree course in Nautical, Aeronautical and Meteo-Oceanographic Sciences at the University Parthenope is unique in Italy and it keeps up the historical and cultural tradition of the former Naval University Institute, which was set up in Naples by a Royal Decree in 1919 for the dissemination and promotion of nautical disciplines. Moving from these historical and cultural roots, the degree course aims to offer a first-rate training in the field of Nautical Sciences. The degree course is organized around core modules pertaining to the physical-mathematical and IT areas, and some distinctive modules, which provide a more specific professional training in the fields of maritime, terrestrial, and aerial navigation and meteo-oceanographic sciences. The primary objective of this degree course is to provide graduates with a good scientific grounding in the above-mentioned subjects, along with a mastery of the techniques and tools used in different cultural fields. The course also introduces them to the study of business and productive contexts through internships and apprenticeships in companies where they can explore both technical-scientific and management-organizational aspects. Graduates in Nautical, Aeronautical and Meteo-Oceanographic Sciences are usually employed in maritime navigation, port activities, technical management of ships and shipping companies, in aerial navigation, air traffic control and related airport services; those who specialize in meteorology and oceanography can work in meteorological and oceanographic offices as well as in the management of coastal and marine environment and in survey activities.


Course Characteristics

The bachelor’s degree course in Nautical, Aeronautical and Meteo-Oceanographic Sciences, the only one in Italy, is a three-year program (totaling 180 ECTS), which entailss 20 exams, an oral English examination, a 225-hour internship with companies or research institutions, and a final examination. The course is structured into semesters and offers three cultural areas of specialization:
• Navigation and surveying
• Meteorology and oceanography
• Aviation management and safety
Students are required to choose their area of specialization at the beginning of the second year.

Career prospects

As navigation and sea technicians, graduates can find employment:
• in the sector of general maritime navigation, such as bridge officers on merchant ships, once they have registered as seafarers, or as managers for the operation and management of marine vessels;
• in the field of survey techniques for the acquisition, process, and representation of geodetic, hydro-graphical, and topographical data;
• in meteorological and oceanographic activities, carrying out campaigns and processing and interpreting oceanographic and meteorological data, aimed at a proper management and protection of coastline and marine resources.

As management technicians and air traffic controllers, they can work as flight attendants and air traffic controllers, as well as in the management of airport operations and aviation safety.