Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
Master's Degree Programme
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Degree class: 
LM-77 - Management
Duration in years: 

Course Overview

The Master’s Degree Course in Administration, Finance and Business Consulting is designed for students interested in acquiring a knowledge of corporate governance and internal control systems, and pursuing a career as business executives or freelance external consultants. In particular, the Master’s course is designed to allow students develop key skills concerning decision-making processes and tools in business administration, finance and control; the management of accounting information systems, with specific reference to accuracy and reliability of data and information; the representation and interpretation of firms operational processes and firms performance managing accounting models; the strategic and administrative management of critical phases in a company’s life; business evaluation; the definition of business and network governance layout; financial advisory and risk management.


Course Characteristics

The degree includes 12 mandatory modules (9 or 6 ECTS) and 1 optional module (9 ECTS credits each).
In order to guarantee a specialization in two different, but equally relevant, professional positions, the degree program has a common first year and two alternative curricula: “Accounting and Business Consulting” and “Finance and Business Consulting”.
Core modules in the economic-business area are complemented with the study of related topics pertaining to the legal and economic aspects of corporate governance, the management of critical phases in a company’s life, the financial analysis and reporting, administration and control of business processes and resources, management of fiscal variables.
Along with traditional lectures, students can use the e-learning platform to complete their study; they can take part in seminars, workshops and professional events aimed at facilitating their entry into the job market. Students can also benefit from internships and periods of study abroad. The degree course ends with a final examination (a thesis to be defended).

Career prospects

The Master’s degree course aims at training students for the following professional roles:
• Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Internal Auditors.
• Accountant and business consultants.
• External Auditors.
Graduates can be employed as junior professionals in administrative, financial and control positions in small, medium and big firms; in accountancy firms and consulting and auditing companies.