Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Academic year: 
Type of Study Programme: 
Bachelor's Degree Programme
Denomination in italian language: 
Degree class: 
L-41 - Classe delle lauree in Statistica
Duration in years: 

Course Overview

The Bachelor’s degree course in "Statistics and Information Technology for Business, Finance and Insurances" provides basic theoretical skills, quantitative techniques and IT tools to address the issues of market, operational and actuarial risk measurement and control, financial and insurance contract valuation, investment and indebtedness plans, portfolio management, strategic business planning, data collection procedures, data processing and analysis, modeling and forecasting of economic and financial phenomena, market analysis and customer satisfaction. It aims at a high-quality training, leading to the competence level required by small and medium-sized enterprises, research centers, banking and insurance firms, supervisory authorities, national and international institutions.


Course Characteristics

The course comprises 20 exams over 2 years, with an additional internship.
Basic IT training and data processing (algorithm structure, programming logic, database structuring) are basic training objectives. Students are introduced to the concepts and techniques of mathematical analysis, linear algebra and optimization, principles and techniques for calculating probabilities, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Moreover, the knowledge of logic and legal language and the main issues of enterprise management are dealt with.
The course's specific content covers the topics of financial mathematics, models for product analysis and financial markets, actuarial science, statistical analysis of data to support business decision-making, market analysis and customer satisfaction.

Career prospects

The degree course opens up opportunities for the new professional figure of risk manager for banks, insurance companies and business, as well as for the traditional figures of financial analyst, data analyst, market research expert, quality control expert, and state-computer consultant.
Further study in the field of "Finance and Insurances" may lead to career opportunities such as financial and insurance activities in banks and other financial intermediaries, insurance companies, economic-financial analysis centers, public administrations, and supervisory bodies.
The alternative choice of specializing in "Statistics for Business" opens up the possibility to work in the fields of data analysis and strategic planning for market research companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, banks, public offices, and the statistical offices of the National Statistical System.
The degree in "Statistics and Information Technology for Business, Finance and Insurances" enables graduates to participate in the Italian State examination so as to enroll in the national register of junior actuary.