Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Type of Study Programme: 
Master's Degree Programme
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Degree class: 
LM-77 - Management
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Course Overview

The Master’s degree in Marketing and International Management aims at providing students with the necessary understanding of marketing and international management fields. Graduates in Marketing and International Management will develop specific skills pertaining to the analysis and the solution of issues related to the development of international business competition and the management of strategic and operational aspects of marketing. The course is organized by adopting an international perspective, offering students two curricula – one in Marketing and one in International Management – and the possibility of a Double Degree in one of the most dynamic Baltic countries: Lithuania. The students selected will spend a semester at Vilnius University and get a double degree: the Master’s degree in Marketing and International Management and the Master’s degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication, for the students choosing the Marketing Curriculum, or the Master’s degree in International Business Economics and Management for the students choosing the International Management Curriculum, respectively.


Course Characteristics

The Master’s degree in Marketing and International Management is a two-year course comprising core, related, and complementary modules, as well as elective modules. Students must pass 12 exams and they can complete their education through an internship in national or international companies.
In the first year, the Master’s course aims at developing skills in the following areas: cross-cultural management; political economics and international monetary economics; financial management, business model innovation, and brand and retail management.
The second year is split into two curricula: the former – i.e. International Management - aims at preparing graduates for the management of international activities and projects, and focuses on statistical analysis, company law, corporate social responsibility, international merger and acquisitions, as well as international networks in the service or technology field. The latter – i.e. Marketing – is much more focused on the development of graduates’ marketing skills, adopting an international perspective. It aims at developing graduates’ knowledge in the following fields: market analysis, EU marketing law, customer experience management, fashion and luxury goods management, and digital marketing. During this year, students of both the curricula can carry out an internship, participate in the DD program with Vilnius University, and must write and defend their final thesis.

Career prospects

Graduates can operate as entrepreneurs and international managers in companies and institutions in the industrial and service sectors, both public and private; as managers and consultants for strategic activities, brand and retail management marketing, innovation management, international expansion; as experts in the issues arising from internationalization and its related marketing policies. Graduates can also carry out external activities with traineeships at public and private organizations, both at national and international level. They will: have an in-depth knowledge of the competitive mechanisms of various national and international markets; develop the capacity to dialogue, interact and negotiate with people of different cultures; be aware of how to optimize the relationships among all parties involved in business competitive areas, sometimes characterized by very different rules, values, and managerial behaviour; be able to manage people from different countries, use the marketing tools necessary to exploit the opportunities connected to globalization, and will understand the strategic and managerial implications of issues deriving from the globalized market. The focus on marketing represents a unique opportunity for graduates to develop their ability to manage international processes, thus acquiring specific knowledge on the main instances of Italian excellence worldwide.