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Course of Master's Degree Programme on MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
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MINUTILLO Mariagiovanna
First Semester
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Course description

The course objective is to understand the operation, the control, the architecture and the chemical and physical phenomena that characterize the internal combustion engines. Thus, the course will be devoted to provide the tools needed for performing a critical analysis on the choice of the ICEs according to the application fields. Moreover, great attention will be devoted to the combustion process with the aim to estimate its influence on performance and emissions. Finally the hybrid configuration will be analyzed.

Risultati di apprendimento (declinati rispetto ai descrittori di Dublino)

Conoscenza e capacità di comprensione (knowledge and understanding)
Knowledge on the ideal cycles of ICEs
Knowledge on the ICEs auxiliary systems
Knowledge on measuring instruments for test benches
Knowledge on the development of the hybrid vehicles
Understanding of the aspects concerning the environmental impact of the ICEs

Conoscenza e capacità di comprensione applicate (applying knowledge and understanding)
Applying knowledge on performance measurements in test benches
Applying knowledge on emissions measurements instruments
Applying understanding in internal combustion engine optimization criteria

Autonomia di giudizio (making judgements)
Making judgements on the more ICEs with respect to the application field
Making judgements on the ICEs performance
Making judgements on the influence of the operating parameters on the environmental impact

Abilità comunicative (communication skills)
Communication skills the choice of the ICEs designing criteria
Communication skills on the description of testing activities in a test bench

Capacità di apprendere (learning skills)
Learning skills by finding the tools useful for improving the knowledge
Learning skills by finding the tools useful for elaborating the own critical analysis concerning performance and socio-economic issues.




Classification, working principle and operating fields. Ideal and actual cycles. Performance maps. (0,5 CFU)
Four stroke and two stroke engines. Air intake systems. Turbo-charging. (1 CFU)
Fuel delivery. Combustion process in spark ignition engines. Combustion process in diesel engines. (2 CFU)
Ignition, timing and spark advancing in SI engines. Fuel injection in spark ignition engines.
Fuel injection in diesel engines. (0,5 CFU)
Turbulence and fluid motion in the cylinder. Emissions: their formation and control.
Hybrid vehicles. Experimental measurements in test benches for prediction of engine performances and emissions. (2 CFU)

Teaching Methods


Motori a combustione interna. G. Ferrari.
Slides of the course available on http://www.ingegneria.uniparthenope.it/gesmag/index.php?page=insegnamenti

Learning assessment

Oral Examination

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