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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE
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First Semester
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Course description

The teaching aims at knowledge of the basic principles of European Transport of Energy , Environmental policy and Industrial development sustainability. The central goal is to prepare students to use cost benefit and multi criteria analysis, and logistic optimization using elementary concepts of behavioral economics applied to the theory of choice and neural network. These methods of particular impacts are aimed at studying the behavior of the decision maker of shipping companies oriented to the maritime network and routing optimization. The course therefore provides a wide range of possibility to be performed in the classroom together with the teacher oriented to the use of the basic elements of quantitative techniques applied to maritime transport of oil and gas


Knowledge of the basic tools of economics, statistics and general mathematics is required. For students enrolled in the first year, the Naples University "Parthenope" organizes, in September, "preconditions" in the reference subjects from the Graduation Courses of the Department of awareness. The frequency at which as preconditions and the passing of the final test allow the student to acquire a knowledge of the basic structures of the recommended level for the course .


The course focuses on transport of energy logistic aspect, environmental and sustainable development issues based on three parts. The first part analyzes the de carbonization process in progress, the economic crisis and new energy resources and the oil strategies in Mega plants of oil and gas production with maritime logistic distribution, the demographic evolution of new energy resources and the role of gas transport on national and European economy. The second part focuses on the territorial and economic problems and the logistic cost model of industry, with accessibility, production and competitiveness. The third part essentially addresses the theoretical and operative approach to transport system and its impact on economic development. Competition in freight transport in the national and European context and assessment of transport infrastructure investment.

Teaching Methods


Philip McCann. The economics of industrial location. The logistic cost approach. Springer 1998 (Chapter 3)
Roberta Capello. Regional Economics. The Mulino 2004 (from chapter 1 to chapter 6)
Mauro Catalani: Analysis of transport systems in complex territorial areas. Giappichelli 2004 (chapters 2 and 3 )
Mauro Catalani : Maritime networking, freight modeling and routing optimization. McGraw-Hill 2009 (chapters 1 )
EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Guide to Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment Project. www. EU COMMISSION , December 2014
ENEA.(optional reading) Quarterly analysis. Italian energy system. www. ENEA 2016
ENEA ( optional reading). The new fuel chain : from renewable to fuel cell. www. ENEA 2016

Learning assessment

Written test with the possibility of supporting the oral examination on request. The written test is based on the entire course program with exercises on topics discussed and developed in lesson and in exercises.

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