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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANIZATION
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First Trimestre
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Course description

The course aims to provide the students with the fundemantal elements that lie behind the relationship between legal cultures and economic development, through the analysis of the main international contributes on the matter, and questioning the relationship between legal culture and litigiosity rate as well.



The course focuses on the relationship between legal cultures and socio-economic development, and particularly on the peculiar features of legal systems of common law tradition, in comparison with the civil law ones, taking into account hybrids systems as well. The main goal is to show of the cultural impact on socio-economic development. Furthermore, the unflexible character of the traditional theoric approaches will be criticized to assert the need of a multidisciplinary approach to properly understand the objects of study, following the path traced by the pioneristic contributes by Max Weber and Laurence Friedman.

Teaching Methods

The course is structured in frontal lectures that will focus on the proposed didactic materials, including the two essays in English that will be translated and discussed during the lessons. The students following lectures will elaborate an original paper on the main themes faced during the course period.


Essays (in English or Italian):

1) Lawrence M. Friedman, Legal Culture and Social Development, in Law and Society Review, vol.4, n.1, Wiley, 1969.

2) La Porta, Lopez-De-Silanes, Shleifer, The Economic Consequences of Legal Origins, in Journal of Economic Literature, 2008.

3) Alain Peyrefitte, L’etica degli affari e il principio della fiducia, in Valerio Castronovo (a cura di), Storia dell’economia mondiale, vol. 3, Laterza, Roma 1999.

4) Sonia Scognamiglio, Istituzioni, mentalità sociale e sviluppo economico, in «QA – Rivista dell’associazione Rossi-Doria», 2/2014, pp. 141-162.

5) Matteo Marini, Sonia Scognamiglio, Mentalità sociale e progetti di sviluppo. Il caso della cooperazione di successo in Calabria, in Mariano D’Antonio (a cura di), Chi ha cancellato la questione meridionale?, Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli 2015.

6) Essays edited by Banca d’Italia sulla litigiosità civile comparata (to be found in legal department, room 202).

Learning assessment

Followers: course frequency rate of 70% at least; production of an original final paper that will constitute the main tool for the valutation of the student’s performance.

Non-followers: study of the didactic materials listed in the bibliograpy.

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