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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE
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Second semester
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Course description

The course, supported by authentic texts, will have as its purpose the investigation of the ideological and economic conflict on the French territory with the first and second generation immigrants. The course will study the French-speaking reality in its historical-cultural component. Particular attention will be given to the study of the French linguistic-cultural heritage.

Knowledge and understanding
The student will have to prove that he knows the French-speaking reality and the main instances of conflict that are currently underway.

Applying Knowledge and understanding
Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize the main main themes of the texts studied and to know how to investigate them in a multicultural perspective.

Making judgments
The student will demonstrate knowledge of how to locate different genres and themes.

Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate in French in a clear and appropriate to the topics being studied.

Lifelong learning skills
The student must demonstrate a good capacity of learning and application of acquired notions.


Any prerequisite. The course is carried out partly in French and partly in Italian to allow even beginners an appropriate approach to Francophone language and culture.


The course will focus mainly on the revolutions that have involved the African region of the Maghreb. By analyzing authentic legislative, journalistic and literary texts we will reflect on the diversity of civilizations and the difficult relationship of growth of the multiracial civilization.

I module (24h):
- The French situation from 2015;
- Islam and Islamism;
- The Arabic revolution.

II module (24h):
- Text analysis

Teaching Methods

The course will take place through lectures and use of material available on the Moodle platform of the University and in the teacher's personal page. The course will alternate traditional lectures with seminars devoted to the analysis of more specific texts.


Tahar Ben Jelloun, La rivoluzione dei gelsomini, Bompiani, 2011 (or, if not available, L’ha ucciso lei, Einaudi, 2008).
Tahar Ben Jelloun, Fuoco, Bompiani, 2012 (or, if not available, Partire, Bompiani, 2014).
Tahar Ben Jelloun, È questo l’Islam che fa paura, Bompiani, 2015.
Carolina Diglio, Le città euro mediterranee: miraggi e ossessioni (article available at the photocopy shop “Merit”).
C. Grimaldi, Parcours de langue et culture françaises au XXIe siècle (section dedicated to “la francophonie”).

Learning assessment

Oral exam in Italian. The exam will test the critical analysis and the ability to present the themes, literary and civilization aspects presented during the course.

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