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Course of Master's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE, PREVENTION AND WELL – BEING
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Prof.ssa ORRU' Stefania
First Semester
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Course description

The course focuses on the knowledge of the principles of physics and biomechanics that regulate human movement and the specific sport actions of some disciplines.
In particular, the course will allow the student to:
-study the biomechanics of skeletal muscle and the principles of physics that apply to body segments (Knowledge and understanding);
-apply the acquired knowledge to solve biomechanics problems (Applying knowledge and understanding);
-evaluate the contributions of internal and external forces that affect the efficacy of a sport action (judgment-making judgments);
-acquire a scientific language specific to the professional field and communicate properly knowledge and skills to specialists and non-specialists in the sports field (communication skills)
- keep on studying topics of greatest interest to his/her professional field by selecting the most accurate sources of information and the most appropriate methodologies (learning Skills).


Prerequisites are the basic concepts of anatomy of the human body, biology, biochemistry and physiology.


Motor unit. Classification, threshold value, discharge frequency, Hennemann principle. Nervous stimulus transmission. Action potential curve. Red fibers, white fibers, intermediate fibers. Features of nerve stimulation. Muscle contraction mode. Muscle shape and size. Shortening, stretching and contraction speed. Muscle roles. Polyarticular muscles.
Statics, kinetics and kinematics. Composition and breakdown of forces; Muscle insertion angle and force momentum; center of gravity and equilibrium conditions; simple machines; reference systems and human motion; Newton's laws; Work; Pulse; Power; Law of conservation of angular momentum.
Applications. Walking, running, jumping.
Commentary on scientific articles on specific aspects of Biomechanics of Physical Exercise.

Teaching Methods


-CINESIOLOGIA – Il movimento umano applicato alla rieducazione e alle attivita’ sportive Vincenzo Pirola – Edi Ermes

Scientific articles.

Learning assessment

The purpose of the exam is to verify the achievement of the above mentioned topics.
The exam is held in the form of an oral interview in which the level of learning of the proposed topics will be assessed and the critical discussion of a biomechanical scientific article on a motor/sports gesture will be also carried out.

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