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Course of Master's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE, PREVENTION AND WELL – BEING
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First Semester
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Course description

Understanding the molecular mechanism of action of prohibited substances or methods in doping.


Knowledge of human biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology.


Definition and classification of performance-enhancing drugs (WADA). Overview on the regulatory aspects related to the use of doping substances and practices.
Major molecular pathways involved in cell signaling triggered by physical activity.
Cell targets of the following classes of doping substances and methods: stimulants (amphetamines, ephedrine, caffeine), narcotics (morphine, opiates), anabolic agents (androgen, beta2-agonists), diuretics, peptide hormones and glycoprotein (insulin, growth hormone, erythropoietin, insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1), corticotropin and gonadotropins). Main effects induced in cell targets.
Ergogenic substances and doping risk: vitamins, branched chain amino acids, creatine, carnitine.
Phenotypes and gene polymorphisms in athletic performance. Recombinant DNA and gene transfer methods. Gene doping: growth hormone (GH), IGF-1, alpha-actinin-3 (ACTN3), angiotensin-converting enzyme I (ACE).

Teaching Methods


The consulting material will be provided by the teacher.

Learning assessment

During the course, students will give seminars on specific topics chosen with the teacher. The final examination consists of an oral exam on all the contents of the course.
The final evaluation will take into account both the oral examination and the seminars carried out.

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