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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on TOURISM FIRMS MANAGEMENT
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Second semester
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Course description

The course aims to enhance students’ knowledge of the cultural, economic and socio-political context of the United Kingdom through the analysis of literary and non-literary texts which deal with the complex notion of national identity.
Besides conveying specific notions, the module is also designed to develop students’ interest in the study of distant cultures present in British multicultural society (especially east-Asian ones), together with the languages and mass media through which these cultural aspects are disseminated.

Knowledge and understanding:
Students are expected to demonstrate the knowledge of the main distinguishing features of contemporary British culture, with particolar reference to its multiethnic nature and hybrid identity, as well as the perception of how these aspects affect the artistic and literary production.

Applying knowledge and understanding:
Students are expected to be able to report on the distinguishing features of British culture and to interpret some literary texts also by identifying the connection between reality and fiction. They are also expected to apply their knowledge of British history and culture to the tourism and cultural sectors, as well as to understand the influence of certain aspects of British culture on the Italian one.

Making judgments:
Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to approach and judge a foreign culture with an open attitude, critical and deconstructive towards stereotypes and preconceptions. They are also expected to be able to predict and plan opportunities of tourism development by exploiting and promoting cultural aspects.

Communication skills:
Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate in English in a clear and appropriate way.

Learning skills:
Students are expected to demonstrate a good capacity of learning independently as well as and of studying in depth and using appropriately the acquired cultural knowledge and communicative functions, also practicing with the supplementary materials uploaded on the e-learning platform.


In order to follow the lectures and study the course materials students are expected to have a good command of English (at least B2).


Module 1 - Civilization: the United Kingdom (24h)

- Identity (6h)
- Attitudes (6h)
- The Media (6h)
- The Arts (6h)

Module 2 - Literature: Contemporary British Fiction (24h)

- Introduction to Contemporary British Fiction (8h)
- Writing Contemporary Ethnicities: Monica Ali, Brick Lane (2003) (8h)
- Narratives of Cultural Space: Julian Barnes’s England, England (1998) (8h)

Module 1 - Civilization: the United Kingdom (24h)
Module 1 intends to study in depth several aspects of British culture and civilization, especially its society and tourism industry, with a particular focus on its literary manifestations. Particular attention will be paid to the construction and notion of "British" identity. Excerpts of essays, short stories, newspaper articles, films and other materials provided during the course will be read and discussed, as well as used for listening activities and team tasks.

Module 2 - Literature: Contemporary British Fiction (24h)
Module 2 focuses on contemporary British fiction and the literary representation of the themes of identity, self-representation and English multi-cultural society, which are at the centre of both England, England (1998) by Julian Barnes and Brick Lane by Monica Ali (2003). Both novels, together with film clips dealing with these themes, will be analyzed and discussed.

Teaching Methods

Besides class activities (including lectures, listening exercises, reading comprehensions, as well as the screening and discussion of film clips), students can practice and consolidate their knowledge on the dedicated section on the Moodle e-learning platform (


Extracts from the following texts:

Module 1:
James O’Driscoll, Britain for Learners of English, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009 (chapters 4, 5, 16, 22).
Mike Storry, Peter Childs, British Cultural Identities, Fourth Edition, Routledge, 2013 (extracts)

Module 2:
Monica Ali, Brick Lane (any edition, first chapter and extracts)
Julian Barnes, England, England (any edition, first chapter and extracts)
Nick Bentley, Contemporary British Fiction, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2008 (Introduction, excerpts of chapters 2 and 5);
Vera Nünning, “The Invention of Cultural Traditions: the Construction and Deconstruction of Englishness in Julian Barnes’s England, England”, Anglia, 119, 2001, pp. 58-76.

All materials can be downloaded on the dedicated section on the Moodle e-learning platform.
Additional materials for students attending the course will be provided in class.

Learning assessment

Oral examination in English, aimed to verify the level of acquisition and personal reinterpretation of the cultural and literary topics presented during the course. T Pronunciation and linguistic accuracy are further assessment criteria. The pass grade is 18/30.

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