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Teaching schedule

Academic year: 
Matricole pari
Belonging course: 
Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE
Disciplinary sector: 
Year of study: 
First Semester


Course description

The course focuses on developing the skills to design, organize, manage and evaluate teaching activities with particular reference to body, motor and sports.


a) knowledge and understanding
b) applying knowledge and understanding
c) making judgements
d) communication skills
e) (learning skills


The course is divided into two phases:
Step 1 - General Part:
It includes the foundations of general didactics as a discipline and as a science of the training activity with particular reference to: theories and models of teaching-learning, teaching and learning design and management schema, the main problems of communication and the relationship Training, models of evaluation of teaching processes.

Phase 2 Monographic Part:
Includes a specific reflection on theories and models of education and didactics in the body and motor domain, with particular reference to knowledge of body identity, its languages and methodologies related to the teaching of sports and sports disciplines.

Teaching Methods


All of the proposed content can be traced in the texts in particular
general part:
Iavarone M.L., Lo Presti F., Apprendere la didattica, PensaMultimedia, Lecce, 2015.

Monographic part:
Iavarone M.L. (Edited by), Living the corporeity, NEW EDITION FrancoAngeli Milan, 2013.

All the slides and study materials that are useful for the preparation of the exam and presented in the classroom are available on the online didactic platform of the University, the link of which is as follows:
Student platform access can be made using the same credentials as valid for University web services.

Learning assessment

Learning assessment will take place through an intermediate test consisting of a middle-course test at the end of Phase 1 (general part) and a final exam consisting of an oral interview on the entire study program (general part and part-time).
The results of the intermediate test evaluation will be merely orientational and not decisive for the purposes of the final evaluation. The evaluation of the final exam will take place taking into account 5 prevalent indicators according to a specific evaluation sheet that will be exposed and made known to students during the presentation of the program:
A) Knowledge and understanding (knowledge and understanding)
B) Applied knowledge and understanding (applying knowledge and understanding)
C) Making judgments
D) Communication skills
E) Learning Skills

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