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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS
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First Semester
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Italian. Learning materials and short lessons in English will be prepared for Erasmus students.

Course description

The course aims to provide basic knowledge on management processes, through the analysis of the components which, in themselves and in their interdependence, constitute the "enterprise." The study program will allow the student to know the principles and criteria of the strategic and operational management of the business, the crucial factors of each business function, the determinants of the competitive advantage in today's industrial contexts.


The knowledge of the basic tools of general mathematics; microeconomics and accounting (balance sheet and income statement, break even point) is necessary for an understanding of the analytical aspects of the course.


The main topics covered in the course will be: the goals of the company, the analysis of the macro and the micro environment, the analysis of the primary activities of the value chain: production, logistics, marketing and after-sales services, the analysis of value chain support activities: human resources management, organization, technology management, procurement, finance; analysis of competitive strategies, analysis of corporate strategies.
The course will articulate in 6 blocks:
I block: Management of the value chain activities
Duration 32 hours
- The concept of the Value Chain
- Management of primary activities
- Support activity management
II block: Resources and competences
Duration 4 hours
- Resource classification
- Core competences
III block: Analysis of the External Environment
Duration 16 hours
- the Macro environment
- the Microenvironment
IV block: Competitive strategies
Duration 8 hours
- Cost leadership
- Differentiation
V block: Development strategies
Duration 8 hours
- Classifications of strategies
- Diversification, Vertical Integration and Crisis Strategies
Duration 8 hours
VI block: Business goals
Duration 4 hours
- Theories of the company
- Stakeholder theory and agency theory

The firm as a "system" ; the concept of governance and management; the value chain and its primary and secondary activities, with particular reference to the functions: logistics, manufacturing, marketing, finance and organization; general and competitive environment analysis; internal environment analysis and role of the resources and competencies for the competitive advantage; development strategies and competitive strategies; determinants of the change processes of the firm.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lessons. Case study presentations. Slides proiection or short video.


1. GENCO P. – CALVELLI A., Elementi di Economia e Gestione delle Imprese, Enzo Albano Editore, Naples, Italy, 2007 (except paragraphs: 3.1 – 3.2 – 3.3).
2. CAFFERATA R., Management in adattamento, Il Mulino, Bologna, Italy, 2014 (chapters: II, only paragraphs from 1 to 5 – III – VIII – IX).

Learning assessment

All students (attendants and non-attendamts) must take an exam.
The exam will consist of two tests: written and oral.
The written task consists of 8 open questions on the topics of the program, each question will be assigned a score 4 points for the first 7 questions and 2 points for the last, the test will last 90 minutes.
The oral interview which can be accessed only by those who have obtained at least the evaluation of 18 for the written assignment. The oral exam is mandatory for those who have obtained an evaluation from 27 to 30, optional in other cases.
The vote, out of thirty, will be the result of the two tests.
The exam will take place at the end of the course in ordinary appeals and will cover the whole program.

More information

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