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Course of Master's Degree Programme on MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
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First Semester
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Course description

The course aims to analyze tools and methodologies of industrial facilities. In this perspective, the course covers topics related to the analysis and design of facility planning and design with particular reference to the management and energy optimization.
Knowledge and understanding
Good knowledge about the main functions of industrial facilities
Good knowledge of the main schemes of operation of the installations of services
Knowledge of general criteria for sizing and recurring issues in the design of a service facility
Basic knowledge of the laws on industrial services.
Knowledge of techniques and tools to optimize the management of service facilities

Applying knowledge and understanding
Ability to integrate knowledge in the field of industrial services
Ability to use tools and management software
Ability to apply methods and design criteria of a service facility

Making judgements
Ability to identify possible and potential connections between different aspects of a topic and / or a problem
Ability to analyze critical data and results
Problem solving skills and decision making

Communication skills
Interaction skills and cooperation in working groups
Ability to report on a project and present the results
Ability to communicate effectively orally

Learning skills
Ability to research tools and opportunities to improve the knowledge
Ability to develop, outline, summarize the contents acquired




Problems about the design of service facilities. Industrial water: sources of supply water, derivations, extraction, distribution, power systems, energy storage systems. Compressed air systems, intake, compression, treatment and storage, drying, distribution network Heating and service steam technology. Electrical systems: Bullets, Design, protections and laws. Optimization of plant management. Principles of Energy Management. The approaches to the reduction of energy consumption.. The EN 16001 “Energy Management Systems: Energy policy of an organization; Planning (preparation of the energy program).

Teaching Methods


Pareschi, Impianti Meccanici per l’industria. Ed. Esculapio.
Monte, Elementi di Impianti Industriali, vol. II. Libreria Cortina Torino

Learning assessment

Discussion of a project work. Oral examination

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