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Course of Master's Degree Programme on MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
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Second semester
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Course description

The course has the objective to teach the students the basic concepts of metrological analysis, the instruments used for thermal, fluid dynamics and mechanical measurements. Students should be able to independently choose the appropriate measuring instruments for different applications in the industrial field. These choices presuppose the gradual maturation of a number of notions acquired during the course, both in the classroom and through individual study. To stimulate this type of learning, as well as the ability to communicate information, the students must develop a project to be discussed during the exam. The development of the project also allows the students to maturate the ability to re-elaborate the information, apply the acquired knowledge, and deepen specific topics.


The students are required to have acquired and assimilated the following knowledge provided by the course of "Applied thermodynamics and thermal science":
- thermodynamics of states;
- balance of physical quantities;
- heat transfer.


First part - Metrology (3 ECTS - 24 hours): international measurement system, measurement theory, generalized configuration of measurement instruments, elements of probability calculation, measurement uncertainties and classification, systematic and random errors, type A and B uncertainty, distribution of measurement results, uncertainty analysis, propagation of uncertainties, functional and metrological characteristics of measurement instruments.
Second part - Measurement instruments (3 ECTS - 24 hours): contact temperature measurements, temperature measurements at distance, static and dynamic pressure measurements, velocity measurements, flow rate measurements, humidity measurements, dimensional measurements, mass measurements.

Metrology, international measurement system, measurement uncertainties, instruments for the measurement of thermal, fluid dynamic and mechanical quantities

Teaching Methods

The training contents are transferred mainly carrying out lectures, exercises and seminars. The teaching approach includes the stimulation of the student's curiosity regarding the knowledge of practical problems, and the development of the ability to solve them.


- Notes of the teacher, available on the department website www.ingegneria.uniparthenope.it in the personal page of the teacher.
- F. Cascetta, P. Vigo, Introduzione alla metrologia, Liguori Editore.
- E.O. Doebelin, Strumenti e metodi di misura, McGraw-Hill.

Learning assessment

The objective of the exam is to check the level of achievement of the course objectives previously indicated. The exam is divided into 2 parts:
- an oral test in which the ability to link and compare different aspects of the course will be evaluated;
- Discussion of the project developed by the student autonomously in order to evaluate the mastery of the topics dealt during the course.

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