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Course of Master's Degree Programme on NAVIGATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGIES
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First Semester
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Course description

The course aims to inform students about the behavior of fixed-wing aircraft in terms of motion around the center of gravity, addressing the aspects related to the various cases of static and dynamic stability.


The students need to know the principles of Flight Mechanics, Mathematics, Computer Science and a good knowledge of "Mathlab".


Summary of the main topics related to aircraft performance: level flight, climbing flight, gliding flight, maneuvering flight, load factor, turning flight, pull-up maneuver, take off, landing, range and endurance.
Static stability and control - Longitudinal stability and control with stick-fixed: contribution of the airplane parts; rear neutral point of stability - Longitudinal control - Thrust effects - Center of gravity range - Longitudinal static stability and control with stick free - Hinge moment and floating - Rear neutral point of stability with stick free - The trim-tab - Stick force and its reduction - Maneuvering flight
Latero-directional static stability and control - Contribution of the airplane parts - Thrust effects - The directional control - Lateral Stability with stick-fixed - The lateral control - Approximate equations of latero-directional motion - Directional Stability with stick-free - Stick force and ailerons balancing.
Airplane equations of motion - Axes reference systems - Euler' angles - coordinate systems transformation - Equations of motion linearization - Longitudinal and latero-directional aerodynamic derivatives. 5) Longitudinal dynamics - Characteristic equation in longitudinal plane and system eingenvalues - Longitudinal stability criteria - Phugoid and short-period modes - Lateral-directional stability criteria:spiral, divergent, dutch-roll modes - Root Locus

The course includes the study of the static and dynamic stability of fixed wing aircraft with physical and analytical insights

Teaching Methods

Frontal lessons (7 CFU: 56 hours); exercises and laboratory (2CFU: 16 hours)


) From the book: "Fondamenti di Aeronautica Generale" by Valentino Losito,
Lecture notes by Giuseppe Del Core, available in intranet

Learning assessment

The examination consists of a oral test in which the student introduces and discusses a paper prepared by himself, containing the analysis of an aircraft stability ducted by matlab and simulink. Other questions about the main topics of the course follow.

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