Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

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Matricole dispari
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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on SPORTS SCIENCE
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First Semester



Course description

The aim of the course is to promote the knowledge and understanding of the system of private Italian, in the awareness of its complex and unitarian nature. The student's learning, through the frontal lectures with additional seminairal support as well as intervening tests, is also stimulated in the study of case-law, to bring out the operative consequences of the notions. This in order to offer basic training of fundamental institutes as well as practical tools to orient students in the study of the institutions of private law and also in the path of the giuridic studies. In fact, the aim is to acquire methodological mastery in the study of an examination requiring strong technical knowledge.



The legal system. The application of legal rules. Private law and its sources. Legal situations. The facts and legal acts. The subjects. The assets. The protection of legal situations. The rights of the person. The right to property. Rights in rem. Communion. Possession. The protection of property and possession. The bond. Regulatory ratios. The guarantees. The contractual autonomy. The elements of the contract. The effectiveness of the contract. Validity and invalidity of the contract. Termination of the contract.Torts. Non-profit organizations. Donations.

Teaching Methods

Oral exam


General part: Rocchio Flavio, Liserre Antonio, Lezioni di diritto privato, Giuffrè 3 Ed.

Special part: R. GIAMPETRAGLIA, Protestatio contra factum non valet, Napoli, u.e.

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