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Teaching schedule

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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on NAUTICAL AND AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES
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Second semester
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Course description

The acquisition of skills about shipping companies and crew management.
1) Knowledge and understanding skills. Acquisition of the knowledge about shipping companies management and crew management
2) Applying knowledge. Understanding dynamics of organizational behavior for effective performance.
3) Autonomy of judgment. To understand different approaches for solving organizational problems.
4) Communicative Skills. The acquisition of the specialist terminology.
5) Learning Skills. Preparation of power point facilitating the understanding of the main issues.




Crew Resource Management (24h)
1) Motivation at work
2) Leadership
3) Diversity Management and Cultural Diversity
4) Individual and group decision making
5) Group Dynamics
6) Conflict Management
7) Negotiation
The navigation sector (24h)
1) Shipping companies
2) The organization of the shipping company
3) Change drivers for the navigation sector
4) Logistics management in shipping companies
5) New technologies and logistic processes
6) Cruise companies

The course offers knowledge about crew management and organization and management of shipping companies.

Teaching Methods

Taught classes with blackboard and chalk and practical exercises


- Kreitner R., Kinicki A. (2004), Comportamento Organizzativo, Apogeo.
- Fadda L., Garelli R. (2010), Il controllo di gestione nelle imprese di shipping, Giappichelli.
- Dispense a cura del docente

Learning assessment

The final verification is organized in two steps: the written and oral test.
1) The written test lasting approx. 60 minutes (maximum 30/30, minimum 16/30) has the object of the examination of the acquired knowledge, with open questions related to the contents of the course.
2) The oral test (maximum 30/30, minimum 18/30) allows to evaluate the ability to connect and compare different aspects of the course.
The final score will be averaged.

More information

Further details are on the e-learning platform.