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Course of Master's Degree Programme on SPORT SCIENCES AND MANAGEMENT
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Second semester
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Course description

The course has as its central objective the development of knowledge about the cognitive, social and cultural processes that contribute in forming the sense of the body self. This option intends to define a set of knowledge useful for designing training actions focused on the objective of unveiling the implicit dimensions that orient the relationship between self and body on the background of contemporary tensions.


no prerequisite


The course develops in 2 phases:

Phase 1- general part:
Presentation of the main contents:
- the concept of culture, the phenomenon of social representations
- the notions of stereotype and prejudice
- the dynamics of social belonging in self-formation
These contents are fundamental elements of intersection that support the pedagogical point of view in configuring the space for reflection and intervention of a theory of education focused on the identity of the body.

Stage 2-part special
It includes a reflection on the process of body identity construction starting from the theoretical assumptions and the interpretative elements outlined. In this sense, we intend to provide a key to the development of educational journeys aimed at the maturation of the ability to design one's own bodily Self, through the unveiling of the socio-cultural dynamics that tacitly guide the experience. The relationship between self and body will be analyzed against the background of socio-cultural representations in order to identify a space of educability, of specific pedagogical interest, which nourishes itself in particular of the relational, changeable and constructive dimension of the body itself, ie corporeality.

Teaching Methods

All the contents of the study will be analyzed using participatory and relational methodology, through the didactic approach of the "Flipped Classroom".
The course also provides for the creation of group work and workshops on specific topics, concerning the basic contents of the course.


All the proposed contents are present in the dispensation prepared by the teacher within the course.

All the slides and study materials useful for the preparation of the exam and presented in the classroom are available on the University's on-line teaching platform, whose link is the following:
http://e-scienzemotorie.uniparthenope.it/moodle/course/index.php Access to the student platform can be done using the same credentials valid for the University web services.

Learning assessment

The assessment of the learning will take place through group and laboratory activities that will allow to record characteristics and possible difficulties in learning and to implement timely overcoming measures.
The final exam will consist of an oral argumentative interview on the whole study program (general part and monographic part).
The evaluation of the final exam will take place taking into account 5 prevailing indicators according to a specific evaluation form that will be exposed and made known to the students during the presentation of the program:

a) Knowledge and ability to understand
b) Knowledge and understanding skills applied
c) Autonomy of judgment
d) Communication skills
e) Ability to learn

More information

The professor. Lo Presti receives the students at his studio in Via Medina, 40 (NA) scale A, first floor, room 34.
It is possible to make an appointment by sending an e-mail to: