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Second semester
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Course description

The course intends to present the potentialities of statistical methodologies for compelling applications in business and finance. To know the suitable statistical instruments and to know how to apply them enables to develop the capacity to summarise and generalise the sample data. In detail, the main learning objectives are:
Knowledge and comprehension capacity: students must prove their ability to know and comprehend the quantitative tools for strategic choices and, specifically, the inferential statistics and the linear regression model.
Application capacity: students must be able to apply the statistical instruments to the strategic choices. Moreover, they must be able to analyse and interpret the data correctly.
Autonomy of judgment: the course intends to stimulate the statistical reasoning for reading and interpreting data, with special reference to sampling estimates.
Communication skills: students have to learn how to acquire the statistical vocabulary and how to use it correctly.
Learning capacity: at the end of the course, students must prove a good capacity of statistics learning in order to apply the statistical methodologies to business and financial decisions.


Passing the exam of Mathematics


Part I (about 8 hours): Sampling distributions.
Part II (about 22 hours): Point and interval estimation. Testing statistical hypotheses. Inference on mean, proportion and variance.
Part III (about 18 hours): Simple linear regression model: estimate and inference.

Sampling distributions. Inference on mean, proportion and variance. Simple linear regression model

Teaching Methods

Lectures and practice exercises


ANDERSON D.R., SWEENEY D.J., WILLIAMS T.A – Statistics for Business and Economics, South-Western Cengage Learning

Learning assessment

Written and oral examination.
The written examination (1 hour time) includes 3 exercises, which are organized on several points. Students can use a pocket calculator and can consult the tables of the main statistical distributions.
The exercises intend to assess the capacity of applying the suitable statistical methodology and the capacity of analysing data.
The oral examination concerns all the topics included in the program. The oral examination allows to assess the learning capacity of the statistical methodology and the acquisition of the correct statistical vocabulary.

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