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Course of Master's Degree Programme on PUBLIC MANAGEMENT
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Second semester
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Course description

To give students the instruments to understand the decisional logic underlying the functioning of public administrations in a strategic, planning and management perspective.

Expected results linked of learning:
The course aims at stimulating the knowledge about information systems in public administrations and their functioning understanding, focusing in particular on the specific aspects that characterize the public companies and their issues.
Moreover, during the course, the student will be stimulated to apply the acquired knowledge to develop a critical view on the factors that still limit the achievement of efficiency and the functioning of public companies. It will be realized through the analysis of cases study, focusing mainly on the main business practices adopted in the public administration.


Knowledge concerning the functioning of public administrations


The course consists of two sections that are separate but connected and consequential in the logic of construction of the study process and in the analysis of the investigated topics.
The first part of the program is focused on the elements of collection, processing and interpretation of data arising from the entity management. In this view, the course illustrates the main instruments of financial and non-financial analysis for the preparation of internal reports applicable to the decision-making process. Particular importance is given to the management of the subsidiaries and to the contribution that the recent provisions on "corporate governance report" can provide in an integrated analysis of the examined economic complex.
The second part of the program is focused on the process for the construction of the strategic information within a business activity. In particular, the quality principles that this process of information must satisfy are analyzed. After that the issues and characteristics of the data production process have been exposed and analysed, particular importance is given to the role that marketing plays in the general business context. Finally, the specific actions of marketing for the public enterprises are analyzed (public marketing).

Collection and processing of data so to achieve the information necessary for decision-making purposes for public administrations

Teaching Methods

theoretical lessons, exercises, study cases


Texts handouts and contributions to be used for the exam preparation will be indicated during the course.
However, suggested readings are the following:

Borgonovi et al, Management delle istituzioni pubbliche, Egea Bocconi, 2013, Parti 2 e 3.
Matteo Pozzoli, Integrated reporting: principi generali e prassi applicative, 2018, Capitoli 1-6.
Il marketing pubblico. Il marketing dello Stato, degli Enti Locali, degli Enti pubblici nazionali e territoriali, di Antonio Foglio, FrancoAngeli, u.e. del 2012.

Learning assessment

Oral examination

More information

Lectures are in Italian.

The professor is fluent in English and is available to interact with students in English, also during the examination.