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Second semester
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Course description

The course aims to provide students with a complete overview of the aeronautical regulations to which aeronautical organizations must respond. Each operator in the design, construction, maintenance, operational field must have adequate compliance with the prerogatives imposed by the relevant regulations: the course defines the areas of application and the rules for each of the domains indicated.
The Human Factor part covers aspects related to human physiology, psychology (perception, learning, memory, social interaction, errors), ergonomics, environmental conditions, the human-machine interface, anthropometry.


Basic knowledge of the aeronautical field is required, the propaedeuticity of the Flight Mechanics course is recommended


Definitions - Legal Framework - International Civil Aviation Organizations: ICAO, JAA, CAA, EASA - The Chicago Convention - National Organizations - The European Union - EASA: EC Regulation n.1139 / 2018 - EASA: EC Regulation n. 748/2012 - EASA: EC Regulation n.1321 / 2014 - Certification Specifications - Design Organization Approval - Production Organization Approval - CAMO - Personnel authorized to certify - Maintenance - Approved maintenance companies - Flight Operations - Continued Airworthiness - Quality Management System - Safety Management System - National and international requirements

Introduction to the Human Factor - Human performance and limitations - Social psychology - Factors affecting performance - Physical environment - Activity - Communication - Human error - Dangers at work - Flight Accident Investigation

Teaching Methods

The course will be probably held in classroom and registered by webcam due to COVID19, the lessons will be available in streaming on the Teams platform and dedicated channel


Lecture notes by the teacher - Insights from the institutional websites of ICAO, EASA, EC.

Learning assessment

The verification of the learning involves the preparation of a paper on a topic assigned by the professor, for example a study on a flight accident caused by procedural and / or human errors; or the regulatory framework applicable by an organization in the production or maintenance field. The examination during includes the discussion of the report and questions on the Regulatory part and of Human Factor parts.

More information

The course was held electronically due to COVID19, the lessons are available in streaming on the Teams platform and dedicated channel