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Cognomi O-Z
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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
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First Semester



Course description

The learning objectives of the course can be as follows:
Knowledge and understanding: the student must demonstrate to have an adequate method of analysis of the single aspects of the Private Law, through the knowledge both of the specific rules and the principles of Italian legal system
Ability to apply knowledge and understanding: at the end of the course, the student will be able to elaborate in a personal way the theoretical knowledge acquired in relation to the study of the Manual
Autonomy of judgement: the student will be able to solve the legal problems related to the different aspects covered by the course
Communication skills: the student must be able to answer in a clear and comprehensive to the oral test questions, using technical language

Learning skills: students must demonstrate a good ability to learn and deepen their knowledge about important and relevant references for the object of study. Students will also demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge gained to case studies that will be asked during the exam


Prerequisites are not required


The legal system and its sources. Public law and Private law. General aspects of Private law. The legal relationships. The subjects of law. Property and patrimonial rights. Law of tort. Law of contract. Subjects, object and events of the obligations. Single contracts. Law of property. Protection of rights. Family law. Inheritance law.

Labor law; mercantile law; credit instruments; competition law; banking contracts; bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings are excluded

The Course aims to obtain the knowledge about the main aspects of Private Law, through an analytical and critical approach

Teaching Methods

Lectures and case studies


Suggested Manual
P. Trimarchi, Istituzioni di diritto privato, Giuffrè, last edition
Other Manuals recommended
P. Perlingieri, Manuale di diritto civile, ESI, l.e.
A. Torrente A., P. Schlesinger, Manuale di diritto privato, Giuffrè, l.e.
F. Bocchini-E. Quadri, Diritto privato, Giappichelli, l.e.
The consultation of Italian civil code is requested

Learning assessment

Final oral exam

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