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Course of 5-year Single Cycle Master's Degree Programme on LAW
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Dott.ssa MAZZINA Paola
Second semester
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Course description

The aim of the course is to impart knowledge of the principal institutions of public law, in particular, the sources, the functioning of the constitutional organs.
Expected learning results :
- Knowledge and understanding skills
Students will know and understand the rules
and institutes of national public law as well as
the functioning of constitutional bodies. They
will understand the theoretical and application
elements of the constitutional system of Italian
law, and will evaluate constitutional institutions
in a critical manner.
- Ability to apply knowledge and
Students will develop the ability to interpret and
apply the rules on public law. Specific case
concerning the Italian constitutional system will
be discussed.
- Autonomy of judgment
The students will develop interpretation skills by
means of cases of studies. They will be able to
qualify legal relationships, represent and solve
problems related to the protection of citizens'
rights also in relation to the activity of public
authorities. They will develop skills to investigate,
understand and critically analyze the legal and
social phenomena of the Italian institutional
- Communicative Skills
The student of public-law have to develop the
capacity to describe and deepen the legal
issues related to public law in the relationship
between citizens and public authorities.
Students will need to develop articulated and
organic exposure skills of the acquired elements
and the ability to defend the positions
- Learning ability
Students will be urged to deal with the analysis
of current and concrete issues in order to allow
for the comparison and verification of the
acquired skills. The teacher will address any
gaps and methodological problems that will
emerge attending the lessons.



(hours 10)
• Concept of legal order
• The constitutive elements of the State: sovereignty, people, territory.
• Forms of State: Absolute State, Liberal State, Authoritarian State, Pluralistic Democracy.
• Forms of Government
(hours 25)
• The Italian Constitutional Order: - the Government, - the Parliament, - the President of the Republic
(hours 25)
• The sources of law and the norms for resolution of normative antinomies
• The constitution, the constitutional review and its limits
• The law and acts with force of law
• The referendum
• Secondary sources
• Community sources and their effectiveness in Italian law
• The sources of regional and local law
• The activity of public administration
(hours 12)
• Freedom and Rights
• The administration of justice
• Constitutional Justice.

Teaching Methods



Bin, Pitruzzella, Istituzioni di diritto pubblico, Torino, Giappichelli, 2017.
In alternativa:
R. Bifulco, Lezioni di diritto costituzionale, Torino, Giappichelli, 2018.

Learning assessment

Oral examination.

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