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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING
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Second semester
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Course description

The aim of the course is to provide learners with the main tools for design and management of production systems.
At the end of the course the learner must have the following tools and requirements and have achieved the following learning results:
Knowledge and understanding
In-depth knowledge of tools and methodologies for the design and management of industrial plants

Applying knowledge and understanding
Ability to apply the tools and techniques learned to real cases by taking advantage of the joint use of multiple methodologies.

Making judgments
Ability to identify the most suitable methodology based on the specific production system.
Ability to critically analyze the results obtained and to guide design and management choices according to these results

Communication skills
Ability to compare on design choices
Ability to report and exhibit the results.

Learning skills
Skill in identifying the tools necessary to improve their knowledge.
Skill in identifying the necessary tools to develop project ideas.


The students have to acquire the following knowledge provided by the courses of "Mathematical Analysis I", "Mathematical Analysis II" and "Probability and Statistics":
- Derivatives and integral resolution;
- Knowledge of probability distributions


- Production systems Classification: job shop and flow-shop (4 hours of lesson - 0,5 CFU);
- Economic analysis of production systems (4 hours of lesson and 4 hours of exercise - 1 CFU);
- Demand forecasting (4 hours of lesson and 4 hours of exercise - 1 CFU);
- Industrial Plant designing (4 hours of lesson - 0,5 CFU);
- Deterministic and probabilistic Project Management (4 hours of lesson and 4 hours of exercise - 1 CFU);
- Optimal duration of a project (2 hours of lesson and 2 hours of exercise - 0,5 CFU)
- Location methods and Layout design of an industrial plant (4 hours of lesson and 4 hours of exercise - 1 CFU);
- methods time measurement (MTM) (2 hours of lesson and 2 hours of exercise - 0,5 CFU).

- Production systems Classification (4 hours);
- Economic analysis of production systems (4 hours);
- Demand forecasting (8 hours);
- Industrial Plant designing (4 hours);
- Project Management (16 hours);
- Location methods and Layout design of an industrial plant (8 hours);
- methods time measurement (4 hours).

Teaching Methods

Lecture and exercises on the main topics of the course.


Falcone D. - De felice F. Progettazione e gestione degli impianti industriali - Hoepli

Learning assessment

The exam is divided into 2 parts that take place on the same day.

- a written test (4 numeric and application questions) on all the topics discussed in the course. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the study and understanding of the basics and have a character selection.
To pass the test and be admitted to the next one you need to solve at least 3 questions correctly. The test time is 2 hours. It is not permitted to consult texts or use PCs and smartphones;

- an oral test to evaluate the knowledge and ability to link and compare different aspects of the course and to discuss any mistake made in the written test.
The final vote depends on the oral test, regardless of the result of the written test.

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