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Cognomi A-L
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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS
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Dott.ssa GUARINI Mercedes
Second semester



Course description

The course aims to provide an in-depth study on subjects of major practical relevance with particular regard to some of typical institutes of the firm and of capital companies.Expected learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the main legal problems of business and corporate law

Applying Knowledge and understanding:
Students will demonstrate critical analysis capabilities and the ability to link concrete cases with abstract cases

Judging skills.:
The student will be able to identify and solve problems related to business law and company law. In particular, will be able to submit opinions, negotiation and procedural solution

Communicative skills:
Students will express their knowledge in a clear and efficient manner, with appropriate legal terminology.

Lifelong learning skills:
The student will deepen the knowledge gained through the updating of the sources of law,of the case law and doctrine. will follow the normative evolution and will be able to tackle with maturity the specialist studies and the professional experiences and working paths.


Business law requires that students have passed the exams of Private law and Public law.


The course focuses on: Enterprise law. Firm. Copyrights and related rights. Antitrust law. Joint ventures and similar associations. Corporate law. Merger and acquisitions. Banking and finance law. Insolvency and reorganizations procedures in bankruptcy law.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, tutorials. Practical cases.


M. Cian (a cura di), Manuale di diritto commerciale, volume unico, Giappichelli, Torino, ultima edizione (per intero).

Learning assessment

At the end of the course, participants at least 90% of the classes will be evaluated on a portion of the program. If successful, this part will not be assessed the next oral examination. Will be verified: the knowledge of business law, the ability to apply the knowledge to concrete cases, the appropriate technical language. The above criteria will also be used for the oral examination.

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