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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS
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First Semester
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Italian. If required by foreign students, material in English will be provided on Moodle/Ms Teams

Course description

Knowledge and understanding
Understand the basics of management of companies. Know and understand the main management tools, at both strategic and operational level. Understand the drivers of firms’ competitive advantage

Applying knowledge and understanding
Develop the ability to analyze markets and apply knowledge in different scenarios.
In detail, know and apply the fundamentals of business management of companies that operate in different contexts in a flexibile way.

Making judgments
Develop the ability to make critical judgements on real situation and apply in a critic way theoretical and practical models

Develop the ability to answer in a precise and reasoned way to the questions posed during the written and the oral exam.
Adopt a technical and proper terminology and demonstrate the ability to synthesize the content in both written and oral examination.

Learning skills
Develop the ability to autonomously deepen the acquired knowledge, knowing how to identify relevant bibliographic references.
Develop the ability to link the knowledge acquired in different disciplinary areas.


The course is aimed at students of Bachelor Degree in Economia E Commercio and requires that students have a basic knowledge of Microeconomics and Business Administration.


Although the length of each section depends on the background of the class, normally the content will be divided into 2 different blocks as follows:
I BLOCK: Analysis of the internal and external environment (16 hours)
II BLOCK: Strategies (8 hours)

Main topics: resources and competences, macro-environment analysis, business strategies.

Teaching Methods

The course will be organized in frontal lessons. To encourage learning, students are invited to see the material on the Moodle e-learning platform.
Theoretical topics will be supported by the presentation of case studies and by corporate testimonials. Frontal lessons will be supported by slides but also by video footage.


Genco P., Calvelli A. (2018). Fondamenti di gestione strategica delle imprese, Giappichelli

Supplementary materials available on Moodle platform.

Learning assessment

Examination consists of written and oral test.
The written assignment consists of 8 open questions on the topics of the program. The first seven questions will be awarded with a maximum of 4 points score; the last question will be awarded with a maximum of 2 points score. The written test lasts 90 minutes.
The colloquium can only be accessed by those who have at least obtained 18 as score of the written assignment. Oral test is compulsory for those who have obtained a rating from 27 to 30, optional in the other cases.
The final grade is maximum 30, and depends on both tests.

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