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Course of Master's Degree Programme on MARITIME ECONOMY
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Second semester
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Course description

Acquisition of basic skills on the organization and management of shipping companies and human resources, with particular reference to crew management.
1) Knowledge and understanding. Acquisition of knowledge relating to crew management and the organization and management of maritime shipping companies
2) Knowledge application. The course is aimed at providing tools for analyzing and evaluating the main dynamics of organizational behavior in order to understand the determinants of individual, group and maritime navigation organization performance.
3) Autonomy of judgment. The student will be able to improve their judgment and assessment of the main organizational issues that may involve the crew on the ship as well as the organization of ground services.
4) Communication skills. Acquisition of the mastery of an adequate technical language and specialized terminology.
5) Learning skills. Learning skills will be stimulated through power point presentations and classroom discussions, also aimed at verifying the effective understanding of the topics covered. Learning skills will also be stimulated by supplementary teaching aids (official documents and articles from magazines and newspapers) in order to develop applicative skills.



Part One: Maritime navigation sector
The shipping sector
Shipping companies and different processes that characterize them
Sub-sectors of the navigation sector
Logistics management in shipping companies
ICT tools to support logistics in shipping companies
Types of information systems for shipping companies
Integrated ERP / SAP systems
Integrated ERP systems for transport companies
Part two is the management of the crew
The organizational forms and organization of the shipping company
The cruise industry
Crew resource management
Crew management: leadership
Crew management: diversity management and cultural diversity
Crew management: individual and group decision-making processes
Crew management: conflict and conflict management
Crew management: negotiation

The course is aimed at making students acquire knowledge relating to crew management and the organization and management of maritime shipping companies.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lesson and practical exercises


- Kreitner R., Kinicki A. (2004), Comportamento Organizzativo, Apogeo.
- Fadda L., Garelli R. (2010), Il controllo di gestione nelle imprese di shipping, Giappichelli.

Learning assessment

the exam is divided into 2 parts: a written and an oral test.
The written test lasts approx. 60 minutes, with a final mark out of thirty with a maximum of 30/30 and a minimum score of 16/20.

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