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Course of Master's Degree Programme on PUBLIC MANAGEMENT
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First Semester
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Course description

The aim of the course is to lead the student to identifying the main interrelationships between ethics, corporate social responsibility and organizational behaviours, and to understanding the need of ethics-oriented development within public administration to drive reform and change processes and contrast corruptive, not effective behaviours.
Expected learning outcomes Knowledge and understanding: The student will demonstrate to know and understand about the main ethical, behavioural and organizational questions emerging within companies and public administration
Applying Knowledge and understanding: the student will demonstrate to know how to apply the knowledge acquired in the theoretical part in order to face and solve ethical questions within organization through case studies and exercises.
Making judgments: The student will demonstrate awareness and ability to elaborate an own vision with regards to ethical and organizational questions paying attention to organizational behaviours.
Communication: the student will demonstrate the ability to acquire a technical vocabulary coherent with themes of ethics, behaviours and organization.
Lifelong learning skills: The student must demonstrate a good capacity of learning and application related to dynamics and questions concerning human resource management, to knowledge about practical case studies, and communicative functions, to study, by autonomous thought, themes and questions in university and post-university training and study.


It is necessary to have acquired core knowledge provided by the course of organization theory


Section I - Ethics and moral, and corporate social responsibility
Section II - Psychological contract, professions and professionalisms, organizational behaviour and ethics
Section III - Reform, change and corruption within public administration, and ethical leadership
Section IV – Trasparenza, whistleblowing e pubblica amministrazione
Section V - Training for denouncing abuses within workplaces.


Teaching Methods

Lectures, exercises, tutorials to develop the capacity of stydents to apply theory to practice.
ONLINE Lectures on MSTEAMS Code b1il7of


Ingrassia, R. (a cura di) (2018), Economia, organizzazioni criminali e corruzione, Roma: Aracne (pp. 11-22; pp. 107-127; pp. 175-194).
Slides conserning sections I, II, III are available on elearning Moodle platform

Learning assessment

The exam comprises an oral colloquium articulated in four questions.
The exam comprises an oral colloquium (online MSTEAMS codice b1il7of) articulated in four questions.

With regards to national health emergency due to Pandemic Covid-19
Since 2020 December the exam is articulated ONLINE in:
1 written question on MOODLE ELEARNING
3 oral questions on MSTEAMS

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Slides are downloadable on elearning uniparthenope moodle