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Course of Bachelor's Degree Programme on SCIENZE MOTORIE
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Prof.ssa ORRU' Stefania
Second semester
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Course description

At the end of this 3CFU section, within the 9CFU-course “Nutrition&Sport”, the student will know the general principles of dietetics and nutrition, with specific regard to macro- and micronutrients, to water and to dietary supplements in sport
In particular, the course will allow the student to:
- know and understand the general principles of dietetics and nutrition, the main differences between macro- and micronutrients, the importance of a right hydration, focusing also on dietary supplements in sport; by the end of the course the student has to know and understand basic knowledge within a more complex practical context (Knowledge and understanding);
- apply the knowledge in a professional scenario by identifying the nutrinional needs of athletes according to the type of training and performance (Applied knowledge and understanding skills);
- evaluate the effects of different types of diet on the specific sport discipline, on performance and throughout the whole season (making judgments);
- acquire an appropriate scientific language and communicate their knowledge and skills properly to experts and non in the sports field, including the school context (communication skills)
- keep on studying topics of greatest interest to his/her professional field by selecting the most accurate sources of information and the most appropriate methodologies (learning Skills).


Biochemical principles of intermediate metabolism; sport physiology


-General principles of dietetics and Nutrition
- Macronutrients: carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
- Micronutrients: minerals, vitamins
- Water and principles of a right hydration
- Dietary supplements in sport: myths and facts

Commentary on scientific papers on specific aspects related to Nutrition & Sport

-General principles of dietetics and Nutrition
- Macronutrients
- Micronutrients
- Water
- Dietary supplements in sport

Commentary on scientific papers on specific aspects related to the program

Teaching Methods

Frontal Lectures, Seminars


-Buono, Daniele, Paoli, Parisi, Tafuri “Nutrizione e Sport”, Idelson Gnocchi ed., Napoli 2018
McArdle BS M.Ed PhD, William D., Katch, Frank I., Katch, V (2006): Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance

Learning assessment

The final exam aims to verify the achievement of the previously indicated objectives. At the end of the course, the student will perform a final multiple-choice test (n.30 questions) based on the whole 9CFU program (maximum rating: 30/30). The exam is considered passed when the students correctly answer to at least 18 questions (18/30). The test lasts 30 minutes. Failure to pass the exam requires the exam to be repeated on a next round.

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